Champ's Corner & Golf Tips


Champ's Corner is dedicated to Joy's constant companion, Champ Bunny. Champ Bunny, known around the course as Champ, is herself a pro at navigating the golf course or curled up near the golf cart on the outdoor range or at the indoor range. Champ greets everyone and then settles down to watch as Joy instructs her students.

The Founders - The iconic 13 women golfers who created the LPGA

Celebrate the incredible achievement of the 13 women golfers who defeated the olds in the 1940s and ‘50s to create the Ladies Professional Golf Association. “The Founders” film is an icon story on the 13 women who battled society, preconception and prejudice to create a lasting, global sporting legacy.


The Founders Film (Password: founders)

The Founders Film Trailer

The Founders Website

Ellen Griffin - The Patron Saint of the Farm - a pioneer teacher in women's golf

Enjoy this PineStraw Magazine article on Ellen Griffin with an introduction by her nephew Charlie Griffin, one of Joy's students. Ellen was truly a pioneer of women's golf! In 1944, Griffin along with Betty Hicks and Hope Seignious, founded the Women's Professional Golf Association, a precursor to the LPGA. In 1962, Griffin was the LPGA's national Teacher of the Year and in 1989 the LPGA honored Griffin by naming the annual teaching award the Ellen Griffin Rolex Award.

Ellen Griffin – Patron Saint of the Farm

Tip: Practice with a purpose

In order to get the most out of your practice session, set a goal and then focus on achieving the goal. Practicing with a purpose requires you to identify key points that you want to work on to maximize your practice time and focus on one thing at a time. After identifying the area you want to focus on, identify drills that are targeted to helping you achieve your practice goals. Following this method will help you have a very efficient use of your time. At the end of the practice session you will know if you have achieved your goals.