Additional Golf Services

The following golf services are available in addition to teaching:

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for in person or online instruction, as well as any of the golf services listed.

Custom Clubfitting

Each golfer's swing is unique and the golf clubs should fit your swing. Joy is a certified clubfitter who will bring her extensive knowledge to identify the best choice in clubs that align with your swing characteristics and feel preferences.

Club re-gripping

Solid contact with the golf ball begins with a solid connection with your club. If your grip doesn't feel right, chances are you won't be confident in your swing. No matter the reason - worn out or they just don't feel right- Joy will help you identify the best grips for the club or putter and then re-grip them. Re-gripping is available for your putter, irons, hybrids, fairway woods and driver.

Online Video Golf Analysis

A Personalized Golf Analysis Lesson from a nationally ranked golf instructor is a close to you as your computer and video device!

Golf analysis comes to you! With remote video golf analysis, all you have to do is record your swing and email or upload your video. Joy will analyze your swing and provide you with a tailored lesson that you can watch at your convenience. For $50.00 you will receive a 5-10 minute lesson.

Your personal golf analysis is custom tailored to you and includes pointing out your strengths, areas that you should work on and drills and advice on how to improve.

How to film your video to give you the best analysis:

You will want to send in a Face-On view and a Down the Line View

Face-on view

Place the camera in a position so that it is waist high and far enough away that your entire swing will be captured. The camera should be 90 degrees from your target line. Since you will want the camera to be as still as possible, it is best to use a tripod if available. Turn the camera on, address the ball using whichever club you want to focus on and swing away!

Down the Line View

Place the camera in a position so that it is behind you, at waist high, on the golf ball's target line. If available, place a club or stick on the ground that shows your alignment to the target. Turn the camera on, address the ball using the same club you used for the face-on view and swing away!

  1. Take Video
  2. Arrange Payment
  3. Upload or Email Video
  4. You will be notified when your personalized analysis is ready for review