Teaching System

"The Joy of Golf"



Joy's passion for teaching the game of golf grows stronger and stronger every day! Having been influenced by many great teaching professionals, she is constantly learning through working with other professionals, seminars and teaching and coaching summits. Furthermore, Joy encourages and motivates her students and believes her students need to always have a positive attitude and practice with a purpose. Practice where every shot counts - focusing on a target and a distance.


When Joy first starts working with a student, she will ask a series of questions in order to best determine goals and physical limitations. Key to her success as a nationally recognized teacher is her ability to identify how her students best learn (watching, hearing, doing or any combination) and then adapt her teaching to best serve the student. Joy will then work with her student to establish goals, manage expectations and develop a game plan.



Joy uses a variety of state of the art teaching tools such as K-Vest for 3D images and audio sensory feedback to improve swing movements and Trackman a radar system for precise 3D analysis of swing and ball flight. Additionally, video analysis allows the student to have feedback on swing motions and ball impact. Each of these teaching aides are used for indoor or outdoor lessons and customized to each lesson's goal. Video analysis results are sent to the student for their use.



  • Real time visual and auditory feedback
  • Titleist 3D software for swing efficiency
  • 3D Swing Analysis for comparison with PGA/LPGA averages
  • Video Analysis in single or split screen views for analysis using drawing tools


  • Using the latest radar technology, measures and displays instant feedback of club delivery, launch, ball flight and landing position.
  • Trackman displays the actual 3D trajectory of the shot combined with impact and ball flight information.